Quartzo by Baba Quartz is a prominent manufacturer of engineered Quartz Surfaces.

Our organization takes pride in our accomplished staff and their ability to deliver premium quality products to a huge clientele. Quartzo By Baba Quartz is made with one of the nature’s hardest stones, genuine Quartz. it is the most versatile and practical building material being used for beautiful kitchen countertops, table tops, bathroom vanity, elegant floorings and wall claddings! Our Products are non-porous, stains & Scratch resistant, flexible, low maintenance, hygienic and eco- friendly. The ultimate nature of the quartz surfaces is its uniformity in pattern, uniqueness in color and customized designs!

Quartzo by Baba Quartz strives to optimize our clientele’s satisfaction level by providing our distinguished product range!

We assure quality & consistency as we are the only company in the world of engineered quartz slab production in history who mines their own quartz from the quarries and owns the quartz processing facility.

Come Experience “The Ultimate Quartz”